Retos de la semana 3 en Fortnite!

Uno de los retos que mas emociona es el «Use the baller» que seria el próximo transporte que nos traera Fortnite para el parche v8.20


Deal damage to opposing players while riding a Zipline | Stage2: Deal damage to opposing players who are riding a Zipline

Get an Elimination with an SMG, Pistol, and a Sniper Rifle

Search Chests at Sunny Steps or Fatal Fields

Search where the magnifying glass sits on the Treasure Map loading screen

Use The Baller in different matches

Place different Trap Slot items in a single match

Visit Fatal Fields and Salty Springs in a single match | Haunted/Tilted | Frosty/Loot | Lucky/Retail | Snobby/Tomato